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Our Promise To You

As women approaching the upper limits of middle age, we are committed to finding natural ways to stay vibrant, healthy and attractive in the years to come. This site is our avenue for sharing our findings with both men and women who refuse to grow old gracefully. 


The Best of Both Worlds

Ancient Wisdom

We humans have been exploring ways to stay healthy, or restore health following an illness or injury, from the earliest times. Wise men, tribal elders, witch doctors and female herbalists have been experimenting and recording their findings throughout human history. All cultures lay claim to a tradition of natural remedies for a variety of ailments encountered by their members.

We are fortunate that these ancient traditions have been preserved for the benefit of us all, regardless of where we live and our own cultural heritage. The internet has put previously closely-guarded healing secrets at our fingertips, if we can put aside our preconceived notions and take a closer look.


Scientific Research

Science also had its roots in ancient times, but modern science traditionally dates from the early 1800s. The explosion of scientific knowlege over the past two decades in particular has been impressive, but has resulted in an ever-widening schism between current medical practice and ancient traditions. The tendency of human beings to take sides in any debate means that both sides are missing out on what the opposing camp has to offer.

But that is slowly changing. Scientific research increasingly focuses on ancient remedies, in many cases verifing the claims made thousands of years ago. You can read more about these exciting dicoveries on the following pages.


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